A letter from The Design Files

By Greenhouse Team On February 15, 2011

Thanks to the support of Design Files who did the most lovely blog post on their site by writing Joost and the Greenhouse a letter today. It was also great to see you on Friday night for a drink and to enjoy our new space.


How do you do it?

How is it that on December 23rd, the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority offered you, out of the blue, this amazing location at Circular Quay for one of your world-famous Greenhouse temporary restaurants, and less than 2 months later it is HERE for us all to admire?

How is it that local council seem to turn around approval on all your crazy ideas in a timeframe most architects could not even imagine in their wildest dreams?

How is it that you manage to inspire so many brilliant and super high profile local creative people to be involved (David Bromley, David BandSpacecraftQueen B Candles, Top chefs Jason Chan and Matt Stone, to name only a few) – with little or no lead time at all?

How is it that you rope in support from so many businesses and project sponsors (Framecad, Little CreaturesMiele and many more) without a corporate logo to be seen?

How is it that you manage to get by on about 2 hrs sleep each night, without a wink of grumpiness, red-eye or evidence of energy depletion?

How is it that you inspired this design blogger to travel to Sydney twice in the past month just to see what you’re up to?

I’ve heard from reliable sources that you have Jedi Powers.  I believe it.  You’re AMAZING.

From Lucy ;)

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