Back to Basics Food

By Greenhouse Team On February 10, 2011

This is what happens at the start of each day at the Greenhouse…

- Grain is milled into flour for bread, pasta, pizza and pastries.

- Oats are rolled to order.

- Juices are all freshly squeezed.

- Yoghurt and butter are made fresh.

- The menu is based on what is available locally and in season.

- A wood fired oven is used the whole day;

Early morning for breads and pastries, pizza’s and flat breads at lunch. We also use the wood fired oven to prepare roast dinners.

- The oil from the 3 Miele deep fryers is turned into diesel that provides all the electricity for the Greenhouse.

The food philosophy is also based on a ‘back to basics’ approach.

did you know?

"We cut down 6 million hectares of forest every year just to wipe our arse."