A trip to Greenhouse was special

By Greenhouse Team On March 8, 2011

Louise Rastall sis was visiting her in Sydney and we were thrilled that they made a trip to Greenhouse.

So, with little sis here i have mostly been eating, sunbathing and wondering around the streets of Sydney…..

A trip to Greenhouse by Joost was special and anyone who lives in Sydney or near by should certainly make a visit before it closes at the end of March.

Everything and i mean EVERYTHING is recycled, sustainable etc. etc. All the food starts out as whole food so grain is ground daily for bread, dough and pasta (the pizza was yummy), juices freshly squeezed, yoghurt and butter are made fresh…

….Plus you get to drink out of jam jars, kinda cool!

Visit Louise Rastall’s blog: Greenhouse {by Joost}

We hope you sis had a great time visiting you in Sydney.

did you know?

Greenhouse by Joost Sydney - "Joost designed and made the chairs from aluminium irrigation pipes and the seats are made from leather off-cuts from a Victorian tannery. They are remarkably comfortable."

Indira Naidoo