Green Way Up thinks Greenhouse is way up!

By Greenhouse Team On March 1, 2011

Green Way Up thinks we are  a really cool project and you should take a short walk down to The Rocks and wander in, thanks Green Way Up.

For those of you in my hometown, Sydney AU, the fight against global warming has just recently brought you a delicious new eatery. Perks of the gig I guess. Also, compared to some of our other featured project, this one is in our own backyard.

Greenhouse, by Joost Bakker, is a really cool little project. The water is collected, processed, used and recycled on site. The generator runs on cooking oil (not unlike our own car) and everything is grown on site in order to be fresh. I’m not talking fresh OJ from you’re local overpriced cafe either, I mean EVERYTHING. The oats are rolled and the grain is milled on site and to order, making this whole project a trendy little microcosm of an almost fully sustainable community. It also helps that Matt Stone, local kitchen wizard, is heading up the culinary operation.

If you’re anything like me, you got hooked on good food when you started scraping leftovers from plates during your brief and Freudian-like incubative stage in your first hospitality job, the job that left you with overdefined taste buds and underdefined systems of renumeration. Greenhouse can get you your fix seven days a week, so take a short walk down to The Rocks and wander in.

You can check their blog at Green Way Up:  The Greenhouse In The Rocks

did you know?

"Urine is incredible for nitrogen, it's so valuable - you only need the urine of 25 people to provide fertiliser for a hectare of crop.