Be kinder to this planet

By Greenhouse Team On March 14, 2011

Significant words by Goodie: Greenhouse by Joost

With all the natural disasters going on around this side of the globe lately I felt like its important to recognise how we have to be kinder to this planet of ours. I can’t help but feel like its a sign that we have to start re thinking the way we live; There is so much taking and using of resources then no thought of how we throw it all away. I know I’m a culprit and every now and then I stumble across something that wakes me up and makes me remember what is important.

Visiting Greenhouse by Joost on the weekend was a great inspiration for how alternative business models, even a bar or a restaurant, can open up people’s minds and encourage everyone to start thinking of alternative ways of using the things around us.

As I eavesdropped into the conversations around me most people would be talking of such topics…or of the INCREDIBLE view.

What an inspiration!

For the full article please check out  Goodie: Greenhouse by Joost

did you know?

Greenhouse by Joost Sydney - "Joost designed and made the chairs from aluminium irrigation pipes and the seats are made from leather off-cuts from a Victorian tannery. They are remarkably comfortable."

Indira Naidoo