"Oh yes, what is that" you ask?

By Greenhouse Team On March 14, 2011

Fourth Crusade Friday posted an article about Greenhouse, Sustainable Feed,  on their facebook page.  Check out their wonderful gallery of  Greenhouse pics.

Between the Harbour Bridge and that little building called the Opera House, you will find Greenhouse by Joost.

“Oh yes, what is that” you ask?

Designed by Joost Bakker, a Dutch-born architect from Melbourne, it is a cafe which is built entirely out of recycled or recyclable materials and is the first stop on a world tour.

Food is served in recycled glass, herbs are grown on the roof, chairs created from aluminium irrigation pipes and, err, the bathroom doors are trestle tables. Guess you kind of want to see what it’s all about now, huh?

You still have a few more weeks to get on down there before this temporary art installation is sent off in all directions for a another life.



did you know?

Greenhouse by Joost Sydney - "Joost designed and made the chairs from aluminium irrigation pipes and the seats are made from leather off-cuts from a Victorian tannery. They are remarkably comfortable."

Indira Naidoo