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By Greenhouse Team On March 5, 2011

Daily Yoga Journey visited last Tuesday and found Greenhouse by Joost, a fantastic pop-up restaurant with delicious food, admirable principles and a super cool vibe…..and the food was some of the yummiest they’ve had.

Here’s what Daily Yoga Journey has to say:

This weeks tasty tuesday finds us dining out…

But this isn’t just any regular dining experience… for starters this place is only around till the end of March… I went to the Greenhouse by Joost, a fantastic pop-up restaurant with delicious food, admirable principles and a super cool vibe. As a mum, the combination of these things on a rare night out was a bit like finding the perfect pair of jeans… everything felt comfy but looked awesome. Here’s what they have to tell us about their concept..

Designers, engineers, builders, scientists, farmers, chefs and others are among those whose knowledge and advice have gone into every aspect of creating the Greenhouse, from the lighting, to the menu, to the fresh baked bread and the worm farm. The Greenhouse aims to harness the growing understanding of the human footprint to offer alternative solutions that tread a fine balance between functionality, sustainability and beauty.

The food was some of the yummiest I’ve had – roasted corn with carraway and coriander – all the ‘c’s working in harmony. A concoction of colourful carrots with a creamy goats curd (OK I’ll stop now…). All washed down with wine served in jam jars (better than it sounds) with a backdrop of Sydney harbour…ahhhh.

My only question at the end of the night was – are you sure we can’t persuade you to stay here permanently? Guessing by the rather blatant sustainability message that cleverly and stylishly pervades the whole enterprise… the answer is no.

Oh well, I know I went home thinking how our family could benefit from such fabulous local sustainable food…lets hope some Sydney restauranteurs get the message too.

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