15/20 from Terry Durack. Amazing!

By Greenhouse Team On June 12, 2011

“Corn, not porn.” “Roll my oats.” “It’s all about the soil.” The messages scrawled over the recycled T-shirts worn by staff at Sydney’s newest pop-up restaurant are relentlessly on-message. Greenhouse practically appeared overnight on the water’s edge in The Rocks and is currently to disappear at the end of this month.

Check out what else Terry Durack from The Sydney Morning Herald had to say about us:  Greenhouse by Joost

He also goes on to say

“The food may not be the real hero but the concept is. It’s more creative hothouse than restaurant, pushing fresh ideas out into the atmosphere instead of noxious greenhouse gases. Whether it’s temporary or not (there are moves afoot to give it a Sydney home), it makes most permanent restaurants in the world look increasingly unsustainable.”

The one dish you must try … wholemeal wood-fired pizza with sweet pork and fennel sausage, fromage blanc and basil, $15. Photo: Fiona Morris

Greenhouse by Joost was rated 15/20

did you know?

"Urine is incredible for nitrogen, it's so valuable - you only need the urine of 25 people to provide fertiliser for a hectare of crop.