MFWF ♥'s Greenhouse by Joost

By By Joost Team On January 29, 2012

To celebrate the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival’s 20th year, Greenhouse by Joost will ‘pop up’ on the banks of the Yarra River for 20 days from the 2nd to the 20th of March.

Event info at Melbourne Food & Wine Festival here

Greenhouse chef Matt Stone will be serving up breakfast, lunch and dinner using fresh, seasonal produce sourced daily for use. Wheat used in bread, dough, pasta and pastries is freshly milled onsite (a healthier and superior tasting alternative to store-bought wheat products); oats are rolled to order; herbs are cut from the garden; and yoghurt and butter are made fresh from organic milk and cream delivered in returnable buckets from a local dairy farmer.

In 2012, the design of the Greenhouse restaurant offers a few key new features, all conforming to the nature of sustainable design.  All electricity is generated and fuelled by pure, unrefined canola oil, and wall cladding and structural bracing is all-natural, formaldehyde-free plywood, as the glue is made entirely from soybeans-a first in the building world.  Additionally, visitor’s urine will be collected from purpose built lavatories to be used as soybean and canola crop fertiliser (Fact: The urine from 25 people can fertilise an entire hectare of land!), which will then be used to power and build next years Greenhouse!

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