We Build with Straw

By By Joost Team On January 28, 2012

All Greenhouse by Joost structures are insulated with locally sourced straw bales that are wedged into the walls, floor and ceiling; providing an R-rating of 7 or more (an R-rating is a measure of thermal resistance). The roll formed steel frame is designed especially to fit these straw bales tightly and lock them in place.

Straw is one of the world’s largest and most problematic waste products and is typically burnt off, emitting carbon into the atmosphere.

Straw from wheat, barley and rice is naturally resistant to termites and has proven to perform well in fire tests in Canada and Europe. We are now working with the CSIRO here in Australia to undertake fire testing of the Greenhouse structures. We will build an entire Greenhouse building – especially to burn down! We are excited to share the results – stay tuned for an update!

In addition to the environmental benefits of promoting straw as a building product, it also creates another income stream for farmers,

“I don’t believe there is such a thing as waste. This is a fantastic use for what farmers currently describe as WASTE!” – Joost


A day on the farm, collecting our building supplies:

The dry stalks of straw are harvested, after the grain (wheat, barley, rice or oats) and chaff has been removed.

A baler is used to compress the cut and raked crop into compact bales that are easy to handle, transport and store.

The best looking waste product on earth!


Straw bales are stacked and covered to keep them dry and pest free, in holding.

Our building frames are pre-fabricated and ready to go (the blue steel components are shown above) and stacked with the strawbales (the building’s insulation), ready for transport to the building site.

did you know?

"We cut down 6 million hectares of forest every year just to wipe our arse."