René Redzepi - Direct from Denmark

By By Joost Team On March 9, 2012

Oh what a night for the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival Greenhouse, and the fortunate 80 attendees at the exclusive dinner with the ‘great Danes’ of the culinary world, including World’s No. 1 chef René Redzepi from NOMA in Copenhagen and a brigade of Danish contemporaries including Christian Puglisi (RELAE Copenhagen), Claus Henriksen(Dragsholm Castle, Horve) and Rosie Sanchez(NOMA’s pastry chef)

The menu delivered upon the Noma philiosophy. (The name is a mash-up of the Danish words “nordisk”, meaning Nordic and “mad”, meaning food)

1st COURSE – Rene Redzepi (noma, Copenhagen)
Raw Squid, white currant juice and douglas fur

2nd COURSE – Claus Henrikson (Dragsholm Castle, Horve, Denmark)
Oven baked Stargazer with potatoes, pickled pearl onions and smoked oil

3RD COURSE – Christian Puglisi (Restaurant Relae, Copenhagen)
Poached veal tongue, steamed potatoe nudles, pickled green seaweed, veal sauce, seaweed butter

DESSERT – Rosio Sanchez (noma, Copenhagen)
Bitters Dansk Gemmel

Photographer Earl Carter documented the evening so we could share the experience with you. Enjoy!

Guests arrive to the Greenhouse – treated to a peculiar sardine hors d’oevre

The room set – the anticipation palpable.

Rene Redzepi prepares the first course, utilising Joost’s jars and pots!
Greenhouse chef’s Douggie and Dobbers assist intently.

Rene Redzepi (Noma, Copenhagen) introduces the first course.

The guests eat by candlelight as the sun goes down over Melbourne

The activity in the kitchen was intense and focused, quiet and measured.

More on Rene Redzepi’s time in Australia here





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Greenhouse by Joost Sydney - "Joost designed and made the chairs from aluminium irrigation pipes and the seats are made from leather off-cuts from a Victorian tannery. They are remarkably comfortable."

Indira Naidoo