Wega gets a Greenhouse makeover

By Kelly On April 18, 2012

At the MFWF Greenhouse By Joost, our modified Wega coffee machine acquired a passionate following, with facebook friends describing it as “Sexy!”, “Awesome!!” and “the ‘Terminator’ of coffee machines!”. Operated by Greenhouse’s highly skilled baristas Lee and Lachie, this beloved machine kept Melbourne caffeinated morning, noon and night.

Above: “I’m strangely aroused” – A facebook fan gets excited by Greenhouse’s Wega

Below: Lattes by Lachie served in Homewares by Joost


The Wegaconcept Green Line uses 47.6% less energy than standard coffee machines and has standby and night energy saving features. With a brain of its own, the Wegaconcept has the ability to memorise the machine’s workload, adjusting energy functions according to daily/weekly usage patterns. It even has a USB port to update software and install customised programming.

In keeping with the Greenhouse aesthetic and Joost’s ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ philosophy, electrician Kyle stripped the exterior shell from this top-of-the-range model to reveal it’s inner workings and glowing blue LED lights. “It was a challange, a lot of late nights, just like every Greenhouse” Kyle said of the stripping process.

Above: Melbourne coffee aficionado, Danny Colls, was Joost’s co-conspirator in stripping back the Wegaconcept machine

Above: The machine’s brain

Above: The Wegaconcept before; The Wegaconcept after the Joost and Danny treatment.

Above: “Disco espresso” – the Wega comes alive at night


Based in North-East Italy, Wega specialises in manufacturing professional, energy efficient espresso machines. We were excited to have Adam Genovese of Genovese coffee and Wega area manager Andrea Colombo from Italy visit the Greenhouse to take a look at the stripped back Wega. At first Andrea was surprised, but by the end of the visit he’d fallen in love with the concept and even made us an espresso!

Transcript: “Hi my name is Andrea Colombo, I’m from Wega in Italy. I’ve come out to Australia to visit my customers and have found this surprising Wegaconcept which has been remodelled, I would say, and it’s in line with the theme and it’s in line with our energy saving machine. And I’ll make you an espresso.”






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