ABC 7.30 reports – Joost’s Straw House offers bushfire safety

By By Joost Team On April 11, 2012

View the ABC 7.30 segment here Transcript © Australian Broadcasting Corporation Broadcast: 10/04/2012 Reporter: Greg Hoy A Melbourne-based inventor and artist Joost Bakker may have the solution for an affordable bushfire-proof house, and it’s made of straw. CHRIS UHLMANN, PRESENTER:…

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Why Greenhouse takes the piss

By Kelly On April 4, 2012

Did you enjoy a refreshing cider, smooth coffee or fruity cocktail at the recent MFWF Greenhouse by Joost? If so, there’s a good chance you contributed to the 2500 litres of urine that was collected during the pop-up restaurant’s 21…

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Interview: Stephen Crafti Talking Design with Joost on RMIT Radio

By By Joost Team On April 3, 2012

Prolific Melbourne writer Stephen Crafti recently interviewed Joost on his radio show RMIT Talking Design. Grab a cup of tea and sit back for 30 minutes and listen in on their conversation about Joost’s background, processes, design installations and upcoming plans….

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The Weekly Review visits MFWF Greenhouse by Joost

By By Joost Team On March 19, 2012

  Image: Robert Banks Peter Wilmoth from the Weekly Review writes: In preparation for talking to Joost Bakker (it’s pronounced “Yoast”), I have done something unsustainable and I feel like a goose. In Queensbridge Square, on the river at Southbank, I have…

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René Redzepi – Direct from Denmark

By By Joost Team On March 9, 2012

Oh what a night for the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival Greenhouse, and the fortunate 80 attendees at the exclusive dinner with the ‘great Danes’ of the culinary world, including World’s No. 1 chef René Redzepi from NOMA in Copenhagen…

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Why we mill our own flour

By By Joost Team On March 7, 2012

Respect for the ingredients and the way our food is grown is what the Greenhouse is all about. Wheat that is packed full of vitamins, minerals and essential oils should only be stoneground on demand. Research has shown that flour…

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2012 MFWF Legend’s Lunch at Greenhouse by Joost

By By Joost Team On March 5, 2012

We were honoured to host the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival 2012 Legend inductions Lunch at the Greenhouse today – Greenhouse Chef Matt Stone was thrilled for the opportunity to prepare his signature fare for some of the most highly…

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Building the Greenhouse in time-lapse

By By Joost Team On February 29, 2012

A big thank you to Will Watt and Andrew Thomas for this incredibly beautiful time-lapse photography of the Melbourne Greenhouse build so far! Check it out! The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Greenhouse by Joost from Will Watt on Vimeo.

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Joost at Richmond Weekender Homemakers Market

By By Joost Team On February 28, 2012

This weekend, Saturday March 3rd, we are excited to participate in the Richmond Weekender Homemakers Market. We’re launching the latest homewares collection By Joost, the ‘It’s all about the pot’ ceramic range (shown above) – plus the Beer Bottle Glassware…

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byJoost store – now open

By By Joost Team On

Online store open for business.


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