The Age: Cafe collaborators create their own rubbish paradise

Published in The Age, Monday 16th July 2012 By Daniella Miletic Photo: Simon O’Dwyer, courtesy theage.com.au GROWING up next to a junkyard called Lex’s Rubbish Paradise in the Netherlands, Joost…

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Why Greenhouse takes the piss

Did you enjoy a refreshing cider, smooth coffee or fruity cocktail at the recent MFWF Greenhouse by Joost? If so, there’s a good chance you contributed to the 2500 litres…

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Why we mill our own flour

Respect for the ingredients and the way our food is grown is what the Greenhouse is all about. Wheat that is packed full of vitamins, minerals and essential oils should…

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Joost at Design Files Open House

Joost is proud to be part of a unique pop up shop – The Design Files Open House, for one week in December they will be transforming a stunning residential…

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360º Panorama from MediaVR

Check out this interactive  360º panorama of the Greenhouse Sydney interior. In the linked page, drag your mouse to navigate around the room and read some of the text on our…

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