Joost wins The Age Good Food Guide award for Innovation

Congratulations to Joost who last night was honoured with the Innovation Award at The Age Good Guide Awards held at the National Gallery of Victoria. Joost who was somewhat surprised…

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Wega gets a Greenhouse makeover

At the MFWF Greenhouse By Joost, our modified Wega coffee machine acquired a passionate following, with facebook friends describing it as “Sexy!”, “Awesome!!” and “the ‘Terminator’ of coffee machines!”. Operated by Greenhouse’s highly skilled baristas Lee…

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Why Greenhouse takes the piss

Did you enjoy a refreshing cider, smooth coffee or fruity cocktail at the recent MFWF Greenhouse by Joost? If so, there’s a good chance you contributed to the 2500 litres…

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René Redzepi – Direct from Denmark

Oh what a night for the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival Greenhouse, and the fortunate 80 attendees at the exclusive dinner with the ‘great Danes’ of the culinary world, including…

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Why we mill our own flour

Respect for the ingredients and the way our food is grown is what the Greenhouse is all about. Wheat that is packed full of vitamins, minerals and essential oils should…

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Building the Greenhouse in time-lapse

A big thank you to Will Watt and Andrew Thomas for this incredibly beautiful time-lapse photography of the Melbourne Greenhouse build so far! Check it out! The Melbourne Food and…

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All he is saying, is give pee a chance

From The Sunday Age, January 29, 2012 by Garry Tippet How the waste was won – a new pop-up restaurant for the Melbourne Food and Wine festival, which combines art,…

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MFWF ♥’s Greenhouse by Joost

To celebrate the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival’s 20th year, Greenhouse by Joost will ‘pop up’ on the banks of the Yarra River for 20 days from the 2nd to…

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We Build with Straw

All Greenhouse by Joost structures are insulated with locally sourced straw bales that are wedged into the walls, floor and ceiling; providing an R-rating of 7 or more (an R-rating is a…

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Joost at Design Files Open House

Joost is proud to be part of a unique pop up shop – The Design Files Open House, for one week in December they will be transforming a stunning residential…

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