The Greenhouse is about designing and operating better places for people. Places that let us touch natural materials, understand where everyday things come from and taste fresh food straight from the garden.

Designers, engineers, builders, scientists, farmers, chefs and others are among those whose knowledge and advice have gone into every aspect of creating the Greenhouse, from the lighting, to the menu, to the fresh baked bread and the worm farm. The Greenhouse aims to harness the growing understanding of the human footprint to offer alternative solutions that tread a fine balance between functionality, sustainability and beauty.

All the features of the Greenhouse are carefully considered first for their practicality, recyclability, life cycle and embodied energy and then for their aesthetics and cost. By putting each decision through this rigorous process, it is hoped that the Greenhouse can provide information and examples to builders, designers, restaurateurs and the public, regarding their daily choices of materials, ingredients, and practices.

Nobody ever convinced anyone of anything by shouting it at them. We hope that we can quietly share some of what we have learned, and let the results speak for themselves.

We feel this excerpt from Artichoke Magazine sums up the Greenhouse mission;

The simplicity of the structure is based on a desire to assemble and dismantle, 
should the need arise – with the minimum of financial and energy expenditure. This is central to Bakker’s design philosophy. He wants the Greenhouse to be harmless and it’s eco-impact to be positive.

Taking this very seriously, he shows mind blowing attention to recyclable detail. Each component of the building – from the beer bottles to the use of galvanised steel screws for their ease of recycling – is a testament to years of intricate knowledge, development and the cultivation of the personal micro-networks necessary to support positive impact building.

Artichoke magazine, issue 31, May 2010



By invitation of the NSW Government’s Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, Greenhouse By Joost was erected at the coveted location of Sydney Harbour in February of this year for a six week period.
Attracting tens of thousands of visitors and worldwide media attention, the project successfully brought Joost’s core principles of sustainable construction and the challenges of creating a waste-free restaurant into the mainstream.

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PERTH 2009

In 2009, Joost was commissioned by ISPT to create a permanent Greenhouse restaurant in the central business district in Perth, Western Australia. Nested in the base of a 40 storey office tower, the Greenhouse demonstrates how a productive rooftop garden can thrive, creating a micro-climate and attracting birds and bees into the unlikely urban setting.
Greenhouse Perth was named Restaurant of the Year in 2010, cementing Greenhouse By Joost’s position as a significant player in the Australian hospitality industry.



In 2008, Joost built the first ‘Greenhouse By Joost’ – a temporary restaurant and event space at Melbourne’s Federation Square.
Employing a unique building system devised by Joost himself, the building utilised straw bales set into a 100% recyclable steel framework, seating 100 patrons and supporting a productive garden on the rooftop. Open from November 2008 to January 2009, the first Greenhouse By Joost attracted 1,000 visitors per day and extensive media attention both locally and abroad.

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"Urine is incredible for nitrogen, it's so valuable - you only need the urine of 25 people to provide fertiliser for a hectare of crop.