The Melbourne Weekly Times
Rooftop Farming
Monday 15/4/2013

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The Age
Rooftop Farm Plan
Tuesday 9/4/2013

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The Herald Sun
CBD Rooftop Farm
Tuesday 9/4/2013

Joost Herald Sun


Built by Joost

Built by Joost: Building Australia’s first bushfire resistant straw bale home
Friday 19/10/12
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The Australian
Greenhouse concept grows bigger canopy, nurtured by friends
Tuesday 05/03/12

The Design Files
Greenhouse by Joost-Melbourne
Monday 05/03/12

Smart Planet
Urine Powered Restaurant Pops Up In Melbourne
Sunday 04/03/12

Australian Design Review
Greenhouse by Joost Bakker
Thursday 01/03/12

Saturday Age
Lunch with Joost
Saturday 25/02/12

102.7FM RRR Radio Interview
Joost Bakker on Melbourne Greenhouse
Sunday 19/02/12

The Weekly Times
Harvesting Urine a Wee Saving
Thursday, 09/02/12

Hospitality Magazine
Urine-powered restaurant prepares for Melbourne Food and Wine Festival
Monday 30/01/12

The Sunday Age
All he is saying, is give pee a chance
Sunday 29/01/12







did you know?

"Urine is incredible for nitrogen, it's so valuable - you only need the urine of 25 people to provide fertiliser for a hectare of crop.