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Brothl takes the idea of nutrition and zero waste to another level.

Monday – Saturday 10am – 10pm
Walk in basis – no reservations

123 Hardware Street, Melbourne 3000

Ph: 03 9600 0588
Instagram: @brothl

‘Imagine a World Without Waste…’

Worldwide, nutrients are being dumped into landfill. At the same time our food is becoming less nutrient dense. Limiting organic waste by up cycling these nutrients back into the food system is what BROTHL is about. With core beliefs centring around the promotion of healthy nutrient rich soils.

40-50% of what is considered organic waste in Australia can be and should be consumed as nutrient rich food.

BROTHL employs some of the most traditional and primitive methods to produce food that should have never been discarded. Industrialisation, choice abundance and globalisation are contributing to the current metabolic disease epidemic. Weston. A Price observed in 1930′s that scarcity and necessity bore some of the most functional and nutritional foods and the healthiest populations of people.


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