Media Release


MEDIA RELEASE - 28 June 2012

Joost serves up his latest eco-friendly offering: Silo by Joost

Energetic Melbourne based eco-advocate and artist Joost Bakker has launched his latest inspired project,
Silo by Joost, a ‘zero-waste’ café.

Nestled in Hardware Street in Melbourne’s CBD, the new café in which Bakker has partnered with renowned hospitality identity Danny Colls, serves up an experience that is good for one’s health, conscience, community and the planet.

Recent winner of the Young British Foodies award for Most Irreverent Chef, Douglas McMaster has joined the Silo team to introduce a waste free menu - which will change with the seasons.

Open 6 days a week serving breakfast, lunch and evening bites (Thursday – Saturday), Silo’s menu includes breads and pastries made from flour milled fresh on site, fresh salads, soups and grain based dishes.  The café relies on local organic suppliers for its produce and insists on thoughtful environmental practices in every stage of the supply chain.

Organic grain is delivered from Powlett Hill, to be milled into flour every day; Schulz fresh milk is delivered daily in returnable stainless steel pails, Hepburn Springs mineral water arrives on site in recyclable eco-kegs.
All fresh produce is delivered in returnable, recyclable, reusable crates and all organic waste is treated in the café’s own food waste dehydrator and steriliser - located in the adjacent laneway (An Australian first for a CBD café). For every 100 litres of waste, 10 litres of clean, nutrient rich dry fertiliser is produced and delivered back to farmers to feed their crops - and so the cycle continues.

Thanks to these carefully planned procedures, there is not one rubbish bin in the cafe, except for a plywood installation piece taking the form of a wheelie bin, featured to stimulate discussion on the world’s wasteful ways.

“I’ve designed the café in reverse. I’ve started at the end; assessing the waste production, and worked back from there. My dream has always been to build restaurants that create no waste and we are excited that Silo is  achieving this.” explains Bakker.

The café has a 15 seat, specially engineered communal dining bar, with integrated keg lines and under seat keg storage. The communal bar and kitchen share one space – allowing patrons to see first hand, the processes of a waste conscious kitchen.

With a very different visual style to Bakker’s Greenhouse restaurants, Silo is like the Greenhouse’s hot cousin. For a space fitted out entirely in recycled and recyclable materials - this space is sleek. The design has come from a desire for transparency in process and operation; all the elements of the carefully considered waste free processes are proudly on display. Stainless steel benches top custom made refrigeration holding crates of fresh produce, plywood shelves with integrated grain silos exhibit the dry goods, a full suite of Miele commercial appliances wrap the stainless steel corner kitchen and wash area, concrete floors and black timber-plastic composite complete the palette. 

Stainless steel milk pails are showcased in a glass display cabinet, above which the Wega Green Line coffee machine - stripped of its outer shell - is positioned squarely at the entrance. Additional loose seating is made from aluminium irrigation pipes and leather off-cuts. Black strawberry crates line the ceiling. Joost’s popular homewares range of glazed terra-cotta coffee cups, plates and bowls are used to serve food and beverages in Joost’s unique style. A life size artwork, David Band’s  ‘pissing man’ resides on the rear wall, watching over the efficient 50m2 room.

Silo is open 6 days a week 6.30amm – 3.30pm Monday to Wednesday and 6.30am – 10.30pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday and is located at 123 Hardware Street, Melbourne.

Media Enquiries: / Ph: 0417 165 422