Vertical Garden

Vertical Gardens by Joost are an eco-friendly addition to any domestic, retail or commercial space.

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The structures support potted plants that maintain growth over time, never date, and continuously improve. Vertical Gardens by Joost are made from recycled Australian mild steel; are finished with a raw (rusted), galvanised or powder coating; and can house any variety of plants. Available as singular Vertical Columns or as a Vertical Garden Wall (consisting of multiple Vertical Columns); each accommodates differing numbers of terracotta pots dependant on size, with retail and commercial pots available sealed (to avoid leakage), and residential pots available sealed or with a hole at the base. Vertical Gardens by Joost also offer a shelving ‘plate’ alternative.

Adding a Vertical Garden by Joost to any space provides many environmental benefits including:

- Stress reduction

- Improved air quality and respiratory functions

- Biophilia (the sensation of elation felt by humans in close proximity to plant life)

- Improved relative humidity for maximum human comfort

- The ability to convert toxic chemicals and reduce harmful levels of CO2

- Natural building insulation and cooling

- Acoustic absorption

Including a Vertical garden by Joost in any domestic property will create an aesthetically pleasing, practical addition to the home, particularly in environments where space is an issue.

From a commercial standpoint, installing a Vertical Garden by Joost will help foster identity, loyalty, and aid proactivity in the workplace. Additionally, they will improve your ‘Green Star’ rating (an environmental certification determining the sustainability and eco-friendliness of your structure) by 2-3 points per m2 whilst reducing your carbon footprint.

The structures are easily maintained from home, however in a commercial setting they will need to be managed by a third party or in house maintenance.

Vertical Gardens by Joost will be available via our Online Store soon. Please contact us if you would like to be notified when the range is available.

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"We cut down 6 million hectares of forest every year just to wipe our arse."