Vertical Gardens

Joost’s Vertical Gardens have become recognised as a signature design feature throughout many restaurants and commercial spaces in Australia over the past decade. Vertical gardens are popular for both aesthetic and practical purposes. With their varied applications, these living walls and columns have featured in interiors, art exhibitions and sculptural installations, and high-end architectural fit outs – also popularised as a complete exterior cladding through the Greenhouse by Joost.

After numerous enquiries we are very excited to present a new range of Vertical Gardens for both domestic and commercial installations. Vertical Garden Columns and Vertical Walls are available through Schiavello – see bottom of the page for contact details in each State.

‘RIO’ columns
Image credits[left] Earl Carter [right] Sean Fennessy / The Design Files


[left] ‘GRID’ wall and [right] ‘RIO’ wall
at The Design Files Open House – Image credit: Sean Fennessy / The Design Files

Adding a Vertical Garden by Joost to any space provides many environmental benefits including:

- Stress reduction

- Improved air quality and respiratory functions

- Biophilia (the sensation of elation felt by humans in close proximity to plant life)

- Improved relative humidity for maximum human comfort

- The ability to convert toxic chemicals and reduce harmful levels of CO2

- Natural building insulation and cooling

- Acoustic absorption


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Vertical Garden Walls are available through Schiavello.

Victoria – Tasha Kozelj /

NSW – Lindsie Arthur/

QLD - Diana Amorosi /

ACT – Genevieve Nougher /

WA – Jodie Priestly


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